Galah Cockatoo

Natural Habitat

The Galah is one of the most common and widespread cockatoos and can be found in open grassland and open woodland across most of mainland Australia and Tasmania.


The majority of their diet is made up of seeds, wheat, oats, a small amount of fruits & berries and a variety of grasses, however they will also dig through grass and dirt to find a variety of insects, larvae and shallow plant roots as part of their diet.  Leaves, buds and flowers also make up part of their diet, however a number of food items are only seasonally available.


Threat Level: Least Concern

This species does not have many threats to its population partly due to the export ban on animals leaving Australia for the pet trade but also because their preferred living conditions suit them very well for the land which is cleared by humans for farming and building.  These birds are becoming increasingly common in urban settings.

Here at the Zoo

Jasper loves to talk to visitors. You can see where he had a fight with a old aviary mate as his beak is now deformed, but it doesn’t cause him any issues!