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Turn your trip to the zoo into a learning adventure for your little ones using our Kid's Zone activity sheets below.


Zoo Quiz - look around the zoo and answer all the questions on the sheet, when completed ask at the kiosk for the answers to see how well you have done.
Adaptation to Habitats - for those who want to know more - why not look closely around the zoo at some of our animals and see how they have adapted to their environment and then try and find as many animals as you can from the different habitats.
Classifying Animals - look at the range of animals we have and complete the sheet showing you how some of them differ to one another.
IUCN List Activity - look around the zoo and look out for the Red List Scales you can see on the enclosure signs. Spot various animals to discover how rare they are and how you can help them from becoming extinct.
What we saw at the Zoo today - tick off all the animals that you have seen at the zoo to remind you of your day out.
Zoo Scrap Book - take lots of photos to create your very own photo album when you get home.

Created by: Retox Digital