It is fundamental that any zoo carries out research to advance knowledge on the species they hold and to increase data on rare and endangered species to help and conserve them.

Here at Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens we actively look to encourage and promote research here at the zoo in conjunction with our very own animal management students, external students and research fellows from across the world.

We have a large research project here at Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens in conjunction with Newcastle University, The centre for behaviour and Evolution and BBSCR Bioscience for the future.

The Corvid Cognition Centre (CCC) is a facility dedicated to the study of how these fascinating birds learn and interact with each other.

The CCC has four outdoor aviaries and two testing rooms. Birds can choose to enter these rooms to interact with various puzzles and even operate touchscreens.

Scientists from Newcastle University hope to highlight how smart these common backyard species are by studying how they solve problems.

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If you would like to carry out any project here at the Zoo then please complete the form linked at the bottom of the page please. We are very happy to try and support most projects as long as it does not affect or harm the animals in any way.

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Research Proposal Form - this needs to be signed by your supervisor once you have filled it on to ensure they are happy and that it relevant for the project you are undertaking

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We currently offer a foundation degree in Applied Animal Management that included modules that are based around the zoological collection. For more information please see the link below: