Cotton top Tamarin Conservation Club

Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens are an active member of the Cotton top Tamarin Conservation Club. 

The club unites European Zoos working to help conserve the Critically Endangered Cotton top Tamarin.  These tiny monkeys with a distinctive punk hairdo come from Columbia, where it is estimated that there are no more than 7394 left in the wild. 

Thousands of Cotton top Tamarins were used for medical research in the 1970s and many more have been taken for the illegal pet trade.  Despite being a protected species, their native forest habitat continues to be destroyed for logging and agriculture.  Proyecto Titi (Spanish for “Project Tamarin”) has been working with local communities in Columbia since 1984 to save this charismatic little monkey.  European zoos are working to help Proyecto Titi by raising awareness of the plight of Cotton top Tamarins and raising funds for local staff, research equipment, land purchase and educational activities. 

Look out on our website and Facebook page for special Cotton Top Tamarin events.