Playful Primate Party

A playful party for primate loving boys and girls!

Enjoy exclusive access to our Discovery Room where you’ll make a range of enrichment for our monkeys and lemurs. Then enjoy a private tour in which you’ll hand out your creations and watch the animals enjoy them.

The final stop in the tour is our Ring-Tailed Lemur enclosure where the birthday boy or girl will get to go inside and give them their treat in person! This is followed by lunch in your private room. This room is yours for the day so feel free to continue the fun and games yourself or get head back outside to explore the zoo! 


Party starts at 10:30.

£14 per child

8 min, 15 max children

Price includes lunch (children only) and 4 free adults per party.

Lunch includes a ham or cheese sandwich, packet of crisps, chocolate bar, piece of fruit, and a carton of juice.