Playful Primate Party

£14.00 inc. VAT


If your preferred date/time is not available, please contact us.


Help to keep our monkeys and lemurs entertained by creating a range of toys and games for them. Here at the zoo we call this enrichment and can involve hiding their favourite food inside different objects and rubbing different smells (from perfume to poo) all over things to put in their enclosure. You will then deliver their gifts and watch them play! On the final stop of the tour, the birthday boy or girl will get to go inside our lemur enclosure to give the final gift in person!

This is followed by lunch in your private room. This room is yours for the day so feel free to continue the fun and games yourself or head back outside to explore the zoo! 

Party starts at 10:00 or 13:00. 

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Party Specifications

Party size: 8-15

£14 per child

Includes lunch and 4 free adults per party.

Age Restrictions

Age 8+