Bush Craft

Our Bush Craft courses help participants get back to nature.  

There is a choice of one-day taster courses great for those who want to learn new skills, or a two-day course spending the night under the stars in your own natural shelter.

Each course will include hands-on sessions in:

  • Fire lighting/cooking outdoors
  • Shelter building
  • Safe handling of woodcraft tools
  • Foraging and identify plants for food and other uses
  • Green woodwork
  • Identifying trees wild plants and their uses
  • Tracking and wildlife observation 
  • Along with many other skills in bushcraft


Our programmes are tailored to the specific needs and knowledge of the group:

£55 per person for a day’s taster course

£100 per person for a two-day course this includes an evening meal that you cook on an open fire.

Please dress appropriate for a day in the outdoors. Bring your own tools and camping equipment (if you have them) and a packed lunch including a warm drink. In addition, you can fetch your own food to cook on the open fire, if you wish.


Two Day Introduction to Bushcraft Course

Whether you are a complete novice or an outdoors expert our Bush craft Fundamentals course will introduce you to the essential skills of bush craft and teach you how to utilize these effectively to be comfortable in the natural environment.

This course is is designed to develop and introduce skills to you but also introduce you to the philosophy on Bush craft and gaining a greater understanding of the resources in the natural environment of the UK.

This course covers the basic skills required to spend time in the outdoors with only minimum resources and is based on the four main principles of survival; fire, shelter water and food.

Throughout the day instructors will guide you through the process of identifying exactly what we need. You will be given practical hands-on experience on; how to build a shelter using only natural materials from the woodland, collect and purify contaminated water and make it safe to drink, prepare your own wild food including foraging for wild plants and being shown how they can be utilized, and taught several different means of establishing a fire including site selection, material selection and the ignition sources while out in the woods.

This two-day course takes place on the Kirkely Hall Estate in Northumberland The course adapts to the changing seasons, but below is a typical example of the Bush craft Fundamentals Course.

From the meeting point, into the woodland. During this walk, your instructors will introduce you to some of the useful forgeable materials that surround us and the absolute abundance of resources that the woodland provides and how we can utilize these to use throughout the course.

Upon arrival at camp and following an initial safety brief It is then time to get stuck into looking at safe shelter construction; specifically, location, materials, and design. This culminates in the group building a one-man kennel shelter and an arctic lean-to shelter. Or there is the option to set up Hammock and Tarp shelters if you want to be really comfortable.

Before lunch we will look at the essential skill of fire lighting. The rest of the afternoon will be dedicated solely to different methods of igniting a fire, including how to use a fire steel, flint and steel, friction fire lighting and the various tinder’s that can be used with each method to successfully light a fire. Care will be taken to explain precisely how to site and manage a fire safely as well as the different wood types to select.

Bring along your own packed lunch or we could provide something for you to eat?

Next we will turn our attentions to the crucial tasks of collection and purification of water. They will discuss with you practical and predictable methods of finding sources of water in a multitude of different environments. Once you have sourced your water it is then time to make it safe to drink. Your instructors will take you through the many approaches of filtering and purifying your water and demonstrate a range of different equipment which will aid you in this process, from elaborate pump systems to improvised, out in the make shift filters.

 Everything in the outdoors takes time and goes at its own pace so we will get straight into preparing the fire for the duration of the course. You do not catch & Kill your own food but we will provide you with something in its natural state where we will learn to prepare it to be cooked (vegetarian options are always available). Here our instructors will guide you through the preparation of your food which will then be cooked over the open fire as part of a delicious evening meal. Just because we are in the woods it doesn’t mean we don’t eat well.

Then when it’s time we will settle around the fire and drink wild tea. Later in the evening we have the opportunity to go out and learn the art of tracking and find an advantage points to watch nocturnal wildlife. Our approach is for you to tap into nature and understand your surroundings in a way that helps you re-connect with nature. By using your senses, you will discover the ecology of the greater outdoors. The its time for settling in for the night.

The next morning, if you’re up before the sun we have the opportunity to go out and during the dawn chorus to lookout for the animal’s comeback from nightshift. Then arrive back at camp where we will have a cooked breakfast.

 Decamp then for the rest of the morning focus on the safe use of tools we use in Bushcraft.

One Day Bush craft Fundamentals Courses

Experience the primitive skills of Bushcraft during a one-day course.

 This is a one-day course set out for you to pick and develop and learn a number of primitive skills that are useful to you in the great outdoors. This is a one-day step by step hands on bushcraft course that is a unique and completely immersive way to learn all the skills necessary to live outdoors.

If you’re into the great outdoors our courses will provide you with some of the essential skills needed in a any situation in the wild where you just might need to apply the skills you have learnt. There is a choice of skills we can deliver on a one day course but we will only cover the basics where you will still have hands-on experience in performing tasks such as:

Shelter Building,Fire lighting, collecting and purifying water, identify edible plants and lots more.

This will be a full day and we will pack in as much as possible or focus on the skills you wish to perfect?